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This series was conceptualised primarily as story books: stories about the outdoors, stories about wildlife and travel, stories set in India's fabulous landscape.

Importantly, the stories deal with critical issues like environment, wildlife and conservation (and lately history too). It is these issues and the well-researched content of the books that have prompted more than a 100 schools to use them as readers. The CBSE board has also recommended the books as readers. So join us on a magical journey from Ladakh to Lakshadweep, from the Andaman Islands to the magnificent Sahyadri, and across the great forests of India.

A Senegalese Poet has written...

In the end we will save only what we love
And we will love only what we understand
And we will understand only what we are taught.

Children must be taught about forests and wildlife. It is only if they are taught will they love and see a reason to save our natural world. This is the task this series is dedicated to.